Kerstin Barnes, Certified Esthetician & Massage Therapist

Aging Skin Care Specialist Kerstin Barnes will teach you skin care from the inside out and reveal all her skin care secrets to make you look young and hip.​


"Responsive & Interactive Kerstin is amazing!  Her attention to detail and warm personality make me want to see her every month.  My face looks the best it has in years and her massages are fantastic too.  Ladies and Gents don't look anywhere else for your facial and massages, she is the best in town.  Office is in the SOLA salon so it's very private and discreet too. Lots of parking too!  Book today, you will love the results!"

"I have been seeing Kerstin for 2 years, and I will continue to go see her, even if I move to Denver! She really KNOWS her stuff. She lives and breathes skincare, and consistently educates herself and others on advances in skincare -- and only backs and uses products  that WORK. I see her almost once a month, and my skin is better now than it was in my 20s. Living in Colorado, I see a lot of women and men that have awesome bodies but their faces look like prunes, and I cannot stress the importance of a good esthetician if you live in this climate. I'm in my 30s and many of my patients mistake me for "the assistant" rather than the doctor! Bottom line: she knows skin, and she can fix yours too (even if you don't think it needs fixing). Price is insanely low for Boulder, and I don't know anyone else that delivers at this price. Also: if you have time, book her for a massage as well, as her many years of experience as a massage therapist are evident in her work as well."

- Sara Pourkey

"I have been seeing Kerstin for many years now for anti-aging facials and lash/brow tints. Recently, I have started getting her newly added service of derma plaining with mini-facial treatments. I trust her judgement to know what my skin needs and feel that she is maintaining my skin beautifully as I age. She keeps my skin glowing and I am always sorry when I lapse in my treatments for too long. She is pleasant, professional, and always on time."

- Sue Jacobsen

Does your skin suffer from:

Sun damage
Sagging/loss of firmness

Eye wrinkles/crow's feet
Smile lines/lip wrinkles

Services we offer:

Customized Facials 
Hot Paraffin 
Latest and Newest Skin Care Secrets

*Results may differ from person to person. Consult Kerstin if you have specific questions about a treatment or your skin care needs!