Wrinkles Treatments

Live Now, Age Later!
Wrinkles can be easily smoothed out, slowed down with regular monthly anti-aging facials. In the winter I recommend a series of 5-10 peels or microdermabrasion treatments and good daily home care as well as internally good nutrition and supplements.

Possible Causes of Skin to Show Aging:
Overexposure to sun.
Cosmetic induced
Nutritional deficiency
Environmental toxicity

Topical Treatment:
Stimulate barrier disruption with exercise (dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, round brush, lymph massage, face shiatsu, chemical peels, physical exercise)
Lightening and Bleaching Serum
Use Phyto 5 Wood product line which contains lemon, cypress and rosemary oils, wheat bran extract, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, plankton extract, vitamin E and manganese to promote energy circulation
Light therapy

Better Skin Care for Aging
Intrinsic (Internal) Skin Aging vs Extrinsic (External) Skin Aging

Extrinsic Aging (external)- Aging caused by environmental factors such as UV rays, smoking, free radicals, sugar, sun, environmental conditions, poor nutrition, drugs, alcohol, stress, sleep deprivation, harsh soaps, emulsifiers, chlorine (chemical exposure). Intrinsic Aging (internal)- The natural aging process that occurs according to our genetics.

Intrinsic Aging- Internal Causes & Changes
Natural aging process that occurs according to our genetics
Begins mid to late 20’s
Collagen and elastin production slow down
New cell turnover can slow down up to 50%
Oil gland production reduces
Inconsistent melanocyte growth, pigment and waste accumulate
Skin immunity decreases with age
Elevated sugar, insulin, cortisol levels

Internal Treatment:
Antioxidants (green tea) , EFA’s,
Vitamin D, E, A, K & C

Extrinsic Aging- External Causes & Changes
Aging of the skin cause by environmental factors
Tobacco smoke, first hand or passive smoke
Alcohol, sugar, poor diet
Excess stress
Sleep deprivation
Pollution, UV rays
Free radicals

Free Radicals
Unstable molecules that make irregular cells (oxidation)
Stabilize themselves on the nearest molecule
Start oxidation process
Free radicals can affect us both internally and externally

Signs of Extrinsic Aging Skin
Photo damage/Sun damage
Sagging skin
Thin, transparent skin

Wrinkles and Sagging Skin
Permanent changes in skin caused by:
Reduced collagen and elastin
Decreased blood circulation
Decreased cell turnover rate
Thinning of the dermis
Fat cells below dermis shrink and diminish leading to sagging skin

When under stress the following is likely to happen:
* You release hormones that encourage inflammation and decrease blood flow to the skin
* The nerves in the skin become irritated, and may increase inflammation or stimulate allergic reactions
* Skin recruits the immune system to fight, which can cause inflammation
* Rosacea, acne and psoriasis flare-up
* There might be damage to your skin's outer layer, resulting in dull, dry skin
* Production of moisturizing and plumping liquids declines
* Skin healing, repair and restoration is delayed
Extreme anger or anxiety: hives, allergic reactions, itching, inflammation
Anxiety: Redness and rashes
Increased stress: Eczema or psoriasis flare-up, acne
Traumatic event: Rashes and inflammation
High emotion of most any kind: Redness, rosacia, flushing
Chronic, long-term stress: Sensitivity, dehydration, dryness
Depression, sadness: Dryness, flakiness, dullness
Suppressed or unacknowledged anger: Dry skin

Get into Relaxation
Adopt a "I'm Stressed Routine"
So take good care of it from the inside out.
Come in for facials regularly to pamper, de stress yourself, your mind - body and skin.

Scheduling a regular Relaxation time, time with a pet, a walk, cut out one thing from a to do list, stop multi- tasking, be mindful as how much you take on.
Personally, I love the the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Color Therapy (my Phyto 5 line does color therapy and essential oils, schedule a seasonal facial with me). There is sound therapy, essential oil therapy, all nice helpers to calm down during times of stress.
I see it all the time in my practice: stress changes cortisol levels, hormones, most people eat too much sugar during stressful times and it causes havoc on your skin.
Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C, Lemon Balm Tea, Chamomile Tea.12 Tips: How to Be Irresistible at Any Age—from

Ageless La Cure by PHYTO5
Graceful aging is a trending topic wherever you look. Rather than talk about resisting age with your clients, why not help them embrace the benefits of accruing years?

As you know I can customize your home skin care. Whether it's Phyto 5 or Image or Sanitas, we can work with your skin. Good home care is just as important as coming in regularly for your facial.
Develop and maintain good skin.

As you know, this involves your entire cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing regimen. Let Ageless La Cure skincare take the guesswork out of it. This lightens brown spots and tightens your skin.

This organic certified complete skincare line is designed to address all the issues slightly more mature skin experiences (lines and lack of tone, for example).
Stay away from plastic surgery and other medical artificial procedures.

I encourage authenticity as beauty . In older age, it’s actually more attractive to bear the lines of years of experience with a face that can express itself rather than a face paralyzed by botox.

Use your body well—it wants you to use it!
With physical movement and exercise we keep our lymph circulating. When lymph flow stagnates, toxins are not able to be flushed from the body as efficiently as they need to be which can show up in toxic, congested looking skin. Walk, dance, rebound, practice yoga, run, do calisthenics (remember them?!), learn a martial art, bicycle.

Cut the bad habits.
Support moderations: alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, white flour, prepared foods.

I always support them to get their proper amount of “beauty” sleep!

More tips to share:

Put thought into your hairstyle. Even if you’ve got some facial lines, a sassy well-done hairstyle that truly suits you and your personality will detract from the signs of aging on the face.

Embrace your individual style. Create a signature style you’re known for. Is it a scarf you always wear uniquely? Sparkling broaches and pins? Or a Chanel-style layered manner of dress? Build out your style and have fun with it.

Always try to look your best even if you’re only going to the grocery store—it will do more for you than for anyone else.
Nurture your relationships.
This is one of the most important tips of all. Relationships have the potential to sustain us and keep us happy and when we’re happy, we’re beautiful. If current relationships aren’t satisfying or uplifting, we can put ourselves in places and opportunities where we can possibly develop new ones.

Loving relationships actually help us keep our immune systems strong and healthy.
Get involved in life.
Don’t just lie down and give up. EXPLORE, LEARN, GIVE

Weathering Dehydration
Most people suffer from some degree of dehydration which they are unaware of.
At Creme de la Creme I can easily check your skin with my woods lamp which shows deeper layers of your skin whether you actually are dehydrated.
The more you exercise and spend time outdoors in a dry climate, the more you dehydrate. Heated and air conditioned spaces are also very dehydrating.
Loss of hydration and the attendant loss of tone are conditions that worsen with age. The most perfect way to hydrate is from within, drinking a sufficient amount of pure alkaline water rich in electrolytes and consuming plenty of essential fatty acids in your diet.
Topically using high quality skin care serums and creams can help hydrate as well. When your skin is provided with the right hydration program it can change the appearance and health of your skin.
14 Novel Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated*We all already know to drink water, but what about drinking coconut water? Charged with electrolytes, it protects the skin against oxidative damage.
*Add a pinch of sea salt (not regular table salt)to your water or place a flake of sea salt on your tongue daily. With more than 80 minerals, it will enhance water absorption.
*Eat high water content produce, the juicer the better. Eat melons, apples,and berries, to name a few.
*consume dark leafy greens. The photochemical so they contain help hydrate your skin.
*Place bowls of water in heated or air conditioned rooms you spend a good deal of time in or operate a humidifier in your home to help keep the air moist. The bedroom is a great place since we spend so much time in that room.
*Keep the temperature in your environment as even as possible.
*Some plants transpire and increase water vapor in the air. Get a Boston Palm, bamboo fern, or ficus plant for your bedroom.
*Shower in tepid water rather than hot and keep the shower time down to ten minutes or less.
*Make yourself an herbal mister with essential oils to hydrate your face now and then throughout the day.
*Substitute your morning latte for green tea or warm lemon water.
*Eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids; they limit water loss in the skin cells. Add olive oil, flaxseed oil or Udo,s choice oil to your smoothie. Eat high quality raw nuts and seeds.
*Refrain from eating foods with refined sugar which dehydrates skin.
*Restrict your alcohol intake also. Alcohol is dehydrating.
*Caffeine also inhibits hydration of the skin.
* Lighten your use of make-up which can be drying.
*Certain essential oils are absolutely essential, no pun intended, for effective rehydrating skincare.

Call Kerstin for one of her many hydration facials like the 4 layer face lift or rose hydration lift at 303-818-4827.