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Your first facial should be special...

If you could take a magic wand and fix your skin, what would you ask for?

This is the 1st question Kerstin asks when meeting with a new client, as she wants to ensure that your first experience meets your needs and your skin's needs.

Getting a facial is an important part of your personal care and you need to make sure you feel comfortable with the person you choose to help you with that care. Therefore Kerstin is offering you a one time discount to experience her skills, personal attention and professionalism.

Once you experience the individual, personalized touch Kerstin offers you will be wanting more!

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A luxurious, 5-Star customized facial for 15% ($75 1-Hour custom facial, normally $89) off. It doesn't get much better. Start the path to younger skin with Kerstin today.


A customized facial to meet your needs and your skin needs...

5 Elements

5 Element Theory: Learn which energy to re-balance, for each type of skin condition...


Perfect combination of Vitamin C and Hydration to keep your skin healthy and young...


"Best facial in Boulder! I went in not knowing what to expect and not the type to pamper myself very often. Kerstin was so warm and welcoming, knowledgeable and educational on nutrution and skincare. Answered all of my questions and offered information I hadn't considered before. The whole experience was relaxing and I left feeling improved in many ways!!"

- Dr. Lara Johnson


"Facials with Kerstin are so much more than just a typical facial. She treats you like a princess. I always leave feeling like I've spent an hour in a wonderful spa getting pampered. She gives the most relaxing shoulder/neck massage, as well as hands and feet. She uses a high-quality product line, so I feel confident about what she using to treat my skin. Highly recommended!"

- Helen Todd


"I was lucky enough to receive a free facial as a gift from a dear friend. I have been going back to see Kristen ever since. She has a lot of knowledge and takes the time to specialize treatments for you. Her salon is one of my 'happy places'."

- Cathy Burgman

Schedule Your First Facial for 15% off Today!

Your skin isn't getting any younger. Start treating it right with a luxurious and well-deserved facial by a professional esthetician in Boulder, Colorado. 1- hour: $75