Skin care is health care.
Treat it as a living organ from the inside out and you can have health and glowing skin.

Kerstin close up

My Story

Since a young age, skin care and good skin care habits have been part of Kerstin's routine. Growing up in Germany, her Oma (Grandma) taught Kerstin to make raw honey face masks after a sun burn and cucumber yogurt face masks to add a little refreshment to the skin. Oma also instilled the benefit of wearing sun screen every day.

These and many more tips and tricks laid the foundation for Kerstin and her youthful glow. Tips and insights Kerstin is ready to share during your upcoming appointment

My Training

Kerstin has been training and specializing in wellness for 30+ years. Initially starting her career as a massage therapist, Kerstin gradually expanded her interest and training to include skin care. She has taken her training one step further, with a specialization in Shiatsu which adds to her holistic and whole body understanding.

With a holistic touch at the core, Kerstin received her esthetician degree at Rock Creek Skin Care and Laser Institute.

Each facial and skin care treatment Kerstin gives is tailored specifically for you, the client. While your mask is doing its magic, you will enjoy a light massage with precision touch and focus based on your body's individual needs. You will walk out refreshed, both inside and out, with new knowledge about how to maintain and strengthen that feeling when you get home.

Your Experience

Time to enjoy some peace and quiet, while enjoying a facial in Kerstin's skin care and facial sanctuary.

If you could wave a magic wand and fix something on your skin, what would it be?

That is the question you will be asked at your first appointment... The beginning of your new journey to clean, clear and refreshed skin. Kerstin will use your first appointment to get to know you, your skin, and a bit about how you take care of your skin. All part of Kerstin's process of understanding the best course of treatment for you and your skin.

Lay down and relax, and let Kerstin take you away from the stresses of daily life.
But don't forget to pay attention to her recommendations to maximize your skin's health.

  • Nutritional health for your skin
  • Skin care maintenance at home
  • Future facial experiences
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