5 Elements


A simple esthetic problem appears at the level of the skin. But, it has an energetic cause (an energetic imbalance). Treating the condition means working at two different levels: the skin of course, but also the energetic level. This relaxing facial begins with a thorough skin analysis, a brush cleansing and toning, an invigorating seaweed enzyme mask for exfoliation with steam; and healing massage awaits you followed by extractions and high frequency treatment. Warm steam towels are gently placed on your skin, and relaxing hand and foot massages are included as well as optional light therapy treatment. Finally, a balancing serum followed by a cooling, nurturing mask will be applied to finish your experience.

From the 5 Element Theory we learn which energy to re-balance, for each type of skin condition. That also guides the selection of Phytobiodermie tools to use. Tools used are: Skincare products: Topical products (matter over matter) Drainage: Moving matter (and fluids) under the skin, that need stimulation or elimination. Essential oils: Penetrating products (energetic qualities). Massage and Shiatsu: to balance and harmonize energies Light therapy: Pure energy of color light, over products, point, energetic centers, or reflex zones. This allows to work on the skin level and the energy of the organs (Not the organ! I am not a physician!), according to the Chinese 5 Element theory. Enjoy!